Sharing the appeal
Founders Jacob and Sarah
For millenia, the Holy Land has been the source of inspiration and prayer for the three main monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Everywhere you go, you see historical evidence of these historical paths. Archaeological digs have revealed a wealth of information about the ancient times, especially noted in the intricate mosaics uncovered.

Getting started​

In view of our backgrounds, it seemed natural to us to make a connection between History and Faith using the medium of the mosaic. 

My husband Jacob spent many years studying the mosaics of King Herod’s time and the religious history of those days. He then became an expert in creating designs that follow those same authentic styles. My own background was in marketing, with a special interest in Roman and Byzantine archaeology. Out of this mix came Holy Land Mosaics.

Understanding the bond

Our many meetings with Christian people taught us about their deep attachment to the Holy Land and how much they wanted to feel it within their homes. We understood that having a connection to the stones of the Holy Land, extracted from places that witnessed Biblical events, would be very welcome.

Authenticity above all

The color range

“Let’s offer them DIY mosaic kits to make themselves – as if they were the original mosaic craftsmen” we said. So began our focus on authenticity. 

We harvest stones from all the places with great Biblical significance – Jerusalem, the Galilee, the Judean Desert, the Golan Heights, Samaria and Judea. They are then cut to the same size as used in antiquity. The colors are 100% natural – available in numerous shades of beige, brown, green, black, white, yellow and grey. No two stones are alike. We also take care to keep our mosaic designs authentic and ‘period-correct’.

Wide and creative expression

Our goal is for these stones to have wide appeal – not only by having kits for all stages from beginner to ‘advanced mosaic builder’ – but also by showing many different uses. For example, Holy Land stones can spell out the family name at the front door, be a competed presentation set or be used to make a decorative interior mural.

For individuals and communities

Christian communities enjoy a 'mosaic day'

We get great satisfaction from seeing how many people make our mosaics themselves or give our kits as original and unusual gifts to others. It’s truly heart-warming to read their enthusiastic comments on our websites. 

However a special place is reserved for our Community Projects. This is when each person makes an individual mosaic – and then all these elements are blended together into a large ‘masterpiece’ artwork. We’re excited every time we’re asked to create a large customized design like this.

Perhaps that’s the time when the stones of the Holy Land get to talk most clearly about Faith, History and Tradition. We like to think so!

We’d be delighted to be of service to you.