This marble tile is one of seven patterns which were recreated by archaeologists of the Holy Land based on their latest discoveries.

At the time of King Herod, 2000 years ago, (37 to 4BCE), this type of flooring, named ‘opus sectile’, was considered to be the most prestigious, also due to the expensive handiwork needed to fashion each stone.

“So far, we’ve succeeded in restoring seven potential designs of the majestic flooring that decorated the buildings of the Temple Mount,” said Frankie Snyder, an expert in ancient Roman and Herodian style flooring. He explained that prior to the time of King Herod there were no opus sectile floors in Israel. “The tile segments were so perfectly inlaid that one couldn’t even insert a sharp blade between them.”

Each tile is one foot square i.e one Roman foot, a key characteristic of the Herodian tiles.

Look at the two added photos: the first one shows the tile itself. The second one is the multiplication of very same tile as it would have been seen in the Second Temple.

We can now supply these tiles for any architectural projects you may have, for religious sites or buildings that you want to enhance with a meaningful and authentic beauty.

Azara tiles are also beautiful as centerpiece for festive dinners or events. They can be an exceptional and unique gift.

Our tiles are handmade. They use only natural stones from Holy Land.

They are heatproof, waterproof, dustproof and sunproof.

Please contact us for technical questions or large orders.


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AZARA Tiles 2