King Herod fell in love with this specific authentic flower design that originally came from the Galilee region. He had this artwork created and used it to enrich the tiles for the Spa rooms in his palaces. Holy Land Mosaics recreates it here, in all its originality!

The central flowers were the first Jewish symbol of the Twelve Tribes of the Kingdom of Israel.

Agricultural designs such as pomegranates and evolving leafy motifs were added.

Herod’s Flower is found in the Classical Period and throughout the Byzantine Period.

All the stones in this mosaic are of the same kind as found in the Holy Land of ancient times: limestone, Jerusalem stone, clay and granite.

The DIY kit from Holy Land Mosaics includes:

  • Design of the finished mosaic
  • Pattern to follow and stick the stones
  • Stones – all from the Holy Land, 100% natural and cut to the same size as used by Byzantine craftsmen
  • Mesh to get you started
  • Detailed instructions on how to create the mosaic
  • Suggestions on how to exhibit your artwork, indoors and outdoors

This is an amazing piece of art and the ideal community project. It will become the centerpiece for your community, your swimming pool or your spa.

Mosaic size: around 180 × 180 cms, or 71 x 71 inches.

All stones are water-proof, sun-proof, dust-proof, time-proof and snow-proof. They are quarried in the Holy Land, so the stones are true witnesses of history.

Follow our YouTube channel for videos on how to create your mosaic art work (

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 180 × 180 cm


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Herod’s Flower