This authentic geometric mosaic design can be found in churches in the Galilee region. It covers the Classical Period through to the Byzantine Period.

King Herod used to decorate the Second Temple and his palaces with this type of geometrical pattern. It was forbitten during those times in Judaism to create figurative mosaics.

The eye gets lost when trying to catch the squares among the circles. This contributes to the very high level of the mosaic artwork.

The beauty of our reproductions is in its authenticity – being able to create your own mosaic art on holy Christian symbols from the Holy Land.

The DIY kit from Holy Land Mosaics includes:

  • Design of the finished mosaic
  • Stones – all from the Holy Land, 100% natural
  • Mesh to get you started
  • Detailed instructions on how to create the mosaic

Mosaic size: around 150 x 150 cms or 59 x 59 inches.

Here’s the perfect idea for a gift to a dear one who cares for Faith, meditation, art or archaeology from the Holy Land. It’s a beautiful art decoration to adorn the entrance to a building.

All stones are water-proof, sun-proof, dust-proof, time-proof and snow-proof. They are quarried in the Holy Land, so the stones are true witnesses of history.

Our kit is suitable for children over 10 years, with parental supervision.

Follow our YouTube channel for videos on how to create your mosaic art work (

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 cm


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Byzantine Authentic Tile