This mosaic design is found in many places in Holy Land and especially in the Galilee. It shows the type of boat used by fishermen on the Sea of Galilee during Jesus’s time. It is said that Jesus sailed on such a boat.

The boat symbolizes safety and refuge. It represents a journey, whether this is spiritual, educational or emotional. It’s the perfect gift for a spiritual person, someone who’s starting a journey.

The Holy Land Mosaic Kit includes:

  • Design of the finished mosaic
  • Pattern to follow and stick the stones
  • Stones – all from the Holy Land, 100% natural
  • Mesh to get you started
  • Detailed instructions on how to create the mosaic

Using the mesh, you’ll easily stick the stones of the Jesus Galilee Mosaic in the right position. Then just choose the best place to hang your mosaic artwork, enclosed in a nice frame that you add. You can also add grout (not included) to fix your artwork outdoors, in a floor or a wall.

Mosaic size: 28.5 x 26 cms or 11.2 x 10.2 inches.

All stones are water-proof, sun-proof, dust-proof, time-proof and snow-proof. They are quarried in the Holy Land – true witnesses of history.

Our kit is suitable for children over 10 years, with parental supervision.

Follow our YouTube channel for videos on how to create your mosaic artwork  ( 

Create your own mosaic art based on holy Christian symbols from the Holy Land. Bring the warmth and energy of History into your home.

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Jesus Galilee Boat